GENTILHOMME – Patterns of elegance 

The Mannerheim Museum, Autumn 2020 - Spring 2021


A person’s  outward appearance contributes to a good first impression. Clothing in particular - and the sentiment it conveys - is an important medium of expression. In his life, Mannerheim became a constant centre of attention, and his habitus has inspired various interpretations on him: cultural, sociological, and political, both admiring and sceptical. These conclusions inevitably reflect the views of the spectator himself. 


For Mannerheim, who represented the classical culture of gentlemen, style and manners were crucial. Patterns of elegance and quality were important both in his wardrobe and in his lifestyle in general. In the days before fast fashion durability was paramount, and the lifespan of clothes and accessories was not measured in months, but in decades. Although he was a loyal customer of the European tailors of the time, the Marshal of Finland was no exception to this practice and himself took great pride in maintaining old garments. 


Welcome to the new special exhibition - a time travel through a Finnish gentleman's sartorial tradition! Opening on Friday 4th September 2020.


Gentilhomme juliste selailuversio