The Mannerheim Museum is a historic home museum. The museum building, the previous home of Mannerheim in the outskirts of Kaivopuisto, is a building of considerable cultural historical significance, which value is connected to the inhabitant of the house, the historical figure, Gustaf Mannerheim. The building itself is one of the oldest wooden houses still standing in Helsinki. The museum building, with its interiors and collections, forms a unique ensemble.


The museum collections consist both of the household effects of Gustaf Mannerheim and biographical archive material gained during Mannerheim’s lifetime. Museum collections include the cultural historical collection, archives and photograph collection, as well as Mannerheim’s home library. In addition to these, the museum complex includes the museum building.


The home museum and museum collections can be accessed by a guided museum visit. In addition, efforts are made to improve the accessibility of collections by regularly placing digitised materials online. The museum and collections can be viewed independently through a virtual tour, and additional information about the collections is provided through videos from the museum's YouTube channel, as well as social media.


The museum collections of the Mannerheim Museum are maintained and managed according to professional quality standards. The principles of the Mannerheim Museum's collection activities are defined and aligned in the museum's collection policy.